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M.A.P. Network

Global Multi-generational Community Empowerment


Are you feeling overly anxious, overwhelmed from isolation or social distancing?

Do you or someone you know have a triumphant testimony that overcame adversity/a life changing challenge?  

Are you willing to volunteer & share your experience with others? 

Your victory can help empower someone and we want to hear from you!

Looking for a Volunteer Manager for our BFF 2.0 Secret Pal Group.

This fun group will form new friends share support and Random Acts of Kindness.  Interested contact us.

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Call to Action:

We need volunteers who are compatible with our like-minded teams. We are passionate people willing to help and use our talent to empower others. We are  united to meet the needs of the program & the people we serve.

Take Action today by giving through volunteerism, donations, or help distribute food and or supplies. Be creative and create a awareness online event today!

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Most Amazing People (MAP) are volunteer professionals in education, business, entertainment, health, stress management, homemakers and government. The purpose is to create awareness, make connections, and collaboratively brainstorm solutions for the many challenges facing our communities. We are at a pivotal time in history where our mission is to address the 4 points that are plaguing our society.  These include;

  1. Mental health including isolation depression

  2. Physical Fitness & Wellness

  3. Negative defeating thoughts 

  4. Bullying & Stress Management

We must try at all cost to save our families and our communities. 


M.A.P. is a global community that centers around the silent killers of  depression, anxiety, PTSD, addictions, teen suicide and mental illness. M.A.P. approaches the solution from the root, by first redirecting the negative effects to a fresh source of nutrients. We believe if you reinvent the source of intake with renewed sources of behaviors through the roots, mental illness will be significantly improved.

laExpose' Productions, a 501c3 non-profit organization, is mobilizing communities to help fight the 4 points we listed above. 

We need a Director in every city to volunteer and be a leader. Larger cities can have more than one.  We can no longer sit on the sidelines and wait for government help alone. We must take a stand and accept our individual responsibilities to make a powerful impact.  Just think about the importance of a child, teen or adult that need what you have to offer.

We call this campaign (MAP) to recognize World's Most Amazing People. Some of our goals are to produce a documentary featured film, podcast, and webinars. We will encourage people all over the world and show that each of us can make a difference. In addition, we would like to participate and conclude in the Points of Light and  MADD "Make A Difference Day" annual event.

 We will be offering our Directors honorariums, incentives, additional speaking engagements and recognition at our future red-carpet award events to show our appreciation.

Each city/country will host their M.A.P. with the help of the team. If this sound like you, we are excited for you to join us! To make a difference in your city, contact one of our Chairmen. Each city registrations are different will be set by the Director. 

Your taxable donation can help our Regional Directors donate food or supplies in challenging cities. You will be given the option to follow progress.


Coming Soon!


Advantages of working with M.A.P.

  • Working a global mission to help our communities overcome the gap in services with our 4 Point mission.

  • Support from like-minded leaders to network and collaborate. First to receive additional Speaking engagements.

  •  MAP marketing, advertising, and added sources to brand you and your event you may offer.

  • Opportunity to be apart of our film Documentary.

  • Receiving an award in our awards event

  • .We have a team of industry professionals ready to help you!

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Find Your True Power

Discover how others handle Social Media Negativity

Handling Depression, Isolation, Social Distancing, Grief,  PTSD, Stress Management

Be Happy, Laughing Yoga

Overcome Bullying

Get Fit, The Art of Tapping & Meditation

and more....

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Chair of Directors East Coast (purple)Dwayne Coley

Chair of Directors West Coast (yellow)Donovan Longmore

Director of Malaysia/Africa

Dr. Ayanlola Ayanyimika

Chaplain, Dr. Mario Ramos

Multi-Media, Segun Lasisi

Music Therapy, Paulette Triplett

Darla Allgood, Nat'l Spokesperson

Award & VA Director, Dr. John Williams

Co-Founder, Dr. Macaiah Tillman

Founder, LaVerne Adekunle, PhD

laExpose' Productions* 625 Bakers Bridge* Franklin TN 37067

Fax: 615-345-4192

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